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Rooted in Partnerships

Africa’s connectivity relies heavily on strategic local and global partnerships. This is why we collaborate closely with leading Carriers and Telecom Service Providers, sharing expertise and experience, leveraging our local know-how and African Heritage to help them achieve their goals. Our new brand promise is “Connecting Africa”, and it defines the Bayobab approach and our commitment to the continent.

Frédéric Schepens, Group CEO

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What makes us Bayobab?

As a proud subsidiary of the MTN Group, Bayobab (Formerly MTN GlobalConnect) is deeply anchored in a culture enriched by decades of excellence. Rooted in our African heritage and embracing the core values of MTN, we’re infused with dynamism, ready to break boundaries, foster unmatched collaboration, and build a digitally connected future where everyone across Africa can truly thrive.

Despite our vast geographic spread across Africa, we are united by a shared humanity and a belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. This timeless belief has inspired our journey, and we’re confident this ethos will harmoniously bridge our global collaboration and enrich our culture to flourish even further.

Meet the Bayobab leadership team.

Frederic Schepens

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Aliyu

Chief FibreCo Officer

Kedar Gupte

Chief Mobility Business Officer

Amaru Chavez-Pujol

Chief Technology and Information Officer

Ricardo Varzielas​

Chief Financial Officer

Madhavi Ramachandran

General Manager: Legal & Regulatory

Ahmad Ramadan

General Manager: Human Resources

Hans Schreuder

General Manager: Strategy and Business Development

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