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Just like Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, we are providing digital connectivity to ecosystems across Africa’s vast regions.

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Who is Bayobab?

Bayobab is a next-generation services company connecting Africa with digital solutions. We see Africa through the eyes of its’ population, a continent brimming with potential and possibility. Until May 2023, the company was known as MTN GlobalConnect. The transition to a new brand is a shift to an open-access business model structured to serve all industry participants and add value to stakeholders and partners.

Accessing the world’s fastest growing markets has never been easier.

Bayobab represents a renewed commitment to Africa’s digital connectivity through continued investment in much-needed infrastructure that connects Africa and the rest of the world together.


The backbone of our Network-as-a-Service Infrastructure with Global, National, and Cloud Connectivity Services

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Bayobab Communication platforms

Our Platform-as-a-Service for Voice, Messaging, Roaming, Signalling, and IPX platforms

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The leader in African fibre infrastructure.


Countries across Africa


kilometres of open-access fibre


Landing stations access

What you can do partnering with Bayobab


Grow, scale and manage your business using Africa’s most significant network infrastructure to access the world’s fastest growing markets.

Communication platforms

Provide your customers with Bayobab Voice, Messaging, Signalling, Roaming, IPX and IoT services.


Reach 290 million subscribers across Africa on a single contract and SLA.


Enjoy the ease of a zero-touch network with near real-time automation and end-to-end self-provisioning.

Bayobab's Fibre Footprint across Africa.

Bayobab’s subsea cable network winds ashore at landing stations on the coasts of East, South, and West Africa. From there, they spread out to form an open-access digital doorway into Africa through Bayobab’s expanding terrestrial network.

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Inspired by Africa's Iconic Tree

The Baobab tree has inspired us with its resilience and longevity. We are committed to bridging the digital divide by opening our digital doorway for global partners, host governments, and local communities to thrive.

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