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At Bayobab, every step of our journey is a testament to a brighter future. Through the rich tapestry of inclusivity and diversity we’ve celebrated, we stand poised and ready with the revitalised Bayobab Values. Together, we’re charting new territories, fostering genuine connections, and ensuring that all can bask in the promise of a digitally connected life spanning Africa and the Middle East. With Bayobab, you’re not just envisioning the future – you’re living it.

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In a world that thrives on diversity, Bayobab, formerly known as MTN GlobalConnect, stands as a shining example of an organisation that embraces inclusivity and fosters a culture of belonging. Bayobab attributes its incredible success to a multicultural team of over 324 employees, representing 36 nationalities with 40.5% women and representation from multiple ethnicities, and four generations. This remarkable diversity fuels our innovation, enhances the quality of our solutions, and drives our rapid growth. But diversity is more than just numbers—it’s a commitment that runs deep within our organisation. We prioritise gender equality with 41% of our workforce being female, and 15% holding senior leadership roles.



Despite our vast geographic spread across Africa and the Middle East, we, at Bayobab, are united by a shared humanity and a commitment to providing the benefits of a modern connected life for everyone. Our journey has witnessed exponential growth over the past five years, reflecting our relentless pursuit to be a world-class, Africa-focused connectivity solutions provider. This spirit, deeply rooted in our African heritage, is imbued with the essence of Ubuntu—the profound African philosophy that “I am because we are”. It’s this sense of interconnectedness and shared destiny that fuels our ambition for continued growth, forging strategic partnerships and expanding our digital footprint to serve broader markets, thus entrenching our role in connecting Africa and fostering digital inclusion across the continent.

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Our Employee
Value Proposition

In its simplest form, our EVP, as a proud member of the MTN Group, addresses 4 cornerstones of Value and Inspiration.


We want to live our passion every day and that means getting to do work that empowers us, sparks our creativity and inspires us to make an impact.​ Inspired to Work!


Meaningful connections help us grow, develop and advance through a common purpose and invested relationships. Inspired to Connect!


We want to thrive in an environment that belongs to us! An environment powered by genuine inclusion, respect for diversity, fair rewards, unbound recognition and personal flexibility.​ Inspired to Thrive!


Grow and live our purpose.​ Explore, innovate and future-proof​ our skills, while making a meaningful impact in our communities.​ Inspired to Grow!

Graduate Development Programme

Our graduate programme incorporates a mix of learning methods, such as symbolic immersive learning sessions, diverse digital outlets, and links to prominent social media platforms. Practical training will be localised, allowing graduates to immerse themselves in the environment of Bayobab’s operational branches and benefit from job transitions. This encompasses hands-on job exposure, interactions with our leadership teams, and dedicated mentorship and coaching sessions. The Bayobab Graduate Programme provides elite graduates with a unique development opportunity and a profound work experience in an organisation that has been and continues to be, a pivotal force across the continent.

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