Transit Voice Carriage

Together we do more. Bayobab understands the true meaning of partnership working together with our peers in the Industry for mutual benefits. We provide unprecedented Network-to-Network Corridors in Africa and Worldwide.

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What is it?

Bayobab as a carrier and partner of choice offers transport of traffic between an originating network and terminating network. With the power of our wholesale agreement framework, our transit voice carriage service energise partnerships supported by attractive price for all parties, guarantee delivery of traffic, and contribute to the best quality for the end customers.

Transit Voice Carriage Highlights

Global Reach

Through our commitment of serving our people and the World, we take pride having one of the largest Ecosystem of Communication Platforms which is enabling us to bridge the digital divide by connecting Africa to rest of the world.

Guaranteed Interconnections

Traffic originating and terminating from/to the rest of the World through Bayobab’s Voice Hubbing engine.

Full IP Platform (SIP)

Supported by capabilities such as intelligent dynamic traffic routing, voice quality of service to the highest standard, and powerful analytic at the heart of our revenue assurance and fraud management engine.

Who is Transit Voice Carriage for?

Our Transit Voice Carriage solution is custom crafted for Carriers and Operators, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Moreover, International Wholesalers and Aggregators seeking a global reach, especially one that offers unparalleled connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world, will find our service indispensable. If you value guaranteed interconnections, supported by a state-of-the-art Full IP Platform (SIP) and are in pursuit of a partner who understands the intricacies of mutual growth and partnership in the telecom sector, then Bayobab’s Transit Voice Carriage is your perfect match.


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