Roaming VAS (Value Added Services)

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What is it?

Bayobab's Roaming VAS (Value Added Services) is a suite of intelligent solutions tailored to amplify the roaming experience in the modern telecommunication landscape. Recognising the unique challenges faced by travellers, Roaming VAS ensures they remain connected with quality and cost-effectiveness in mind. With features like Steering of Roaming, users are directed to preferred networks, ensuring optimal performance. Border Roaming Management tackles the complexities of border zones, allowing for a seamless transition between networks.

Roaming VAS (Value Added Services) Highlights

Steering of Roaming

Direct users to preferred networks ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.

Border Roaming Management

Seamlessly manage and optimize roaming experiences at border zones.

Welcome SMS

Provide a warm and informative welcome to users as they enter a new network

Anti-Steering Detection

Detect and prevent unwanted redirections to ensure optimal network choices.

Bill-shock Prevention

Tools to warn and protect users from unexpected high charges.

Pack Management

Efficient management of roaming packages and offers.

Roaming Analytics

Insights and data-driven understanding of roaming patterns and user behaviour.

Who is it for?

Bayobab’s Roaming VAS is specially crafted for MNOs, MVNOs, and International Roaming Service Providers who aspire to offer their customers an unparalleled roaming experience. Moreover, End-users, the modern-day travellers, stand to benefit immensely from these smart solutions. If you’re in the realm of providing or utilising roaming services and seek to elevate the experience with intelligent, user-centric features, Bayobab’s Roaming VAS is your go-to choice.


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