International Voice Hubbing

Break the barriers: Your Voice, Your Power. Streamline your telecommunication traffic and optimise connections through our centralised Hubbing service.

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What is it?

Bayobab's Voice Hubbing Service, offers a service-centric solution for customers and partners seeking to simplify their interconnect arrangements through direct or bilateral routes while optimising their costs. With our service, you can enjoy the benefits of consolidating your voice traffic through a single connection, driving by competitive cost, high quality, and unparalleled efficiency. No matter how extensive your traffic demands are (Regional or International), our hub ensures streamlined transmission and unprecedented reach in Africa.

International Voice Hubbing Highlights

Regional Footprint

Regional and International traffic, leveraging our large MTN Footprint in Africa. We extend our reach through strategic regional partnerships with prominent Groups in Africa.

2 Way Communications

Traffic termination across our MTN Networks, originating from the rest of the World and vice versa originating from Retail Consumers on our MTN Networks.

Full IP Platform (SIP)

Supported by capabilities such as intelligent dynamic traffic routing, voice quality of service to the highest standard, and powerful analytics at the heart of our revenue assurance and fraud management engine.

Who is Voice Hubbing for?

At the heart of our service, Carriers, Operators, and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), are set to benefit immensely from our hubbing solutions. Furthermore, International Wholesalers and Aggregators seeking a broad footprint in Africa – leveraging our extensive MTN presence and strategic regional partnerships – will find our International Voice Hubbing invaluable. If you prioritise seamless two-way communications, a robust IP platform (SIP), and are looking for a solution that not only manages but also amplifies the efficiency of your voice traffic, then Bayobab’s International Voice Hubbing is tailor-made for you.


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