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In an era driven by digital interactions, ensuring stable, secure, and swift IP services is paramount. Our Global IP Services Portfolio is designed to meet these dynamic needs. Leveraging our heritage and expertise, we’ve curated state-of-the-art IP solutions that bridge gaps, ward off threats, and optimize performance, ensuring your digital world remains connected, protected, and efficient.

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Global IP products

IPT (Internet Protocol Transit)

Your Gateway to the Global Web. Bayobab’s IPT service provides an optimum pathway for your data to access the global internet. Ensuring speed, stability, and efficiency, our IPT solution acts as a high-speed highw

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DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection

Guarding Your Digital Frontiers. DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm and disrupt, but with Bayobab’s DDoS Protection, you’re armed with a digital shield. We actively monitor, detect, and mitigate potential threats


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