Bayobab Zambia Achieves Milestone: Completion of Structural Separation and Fibre Asset Transfer
Bayobab Press

17 April 2024 - Bayobab Zambia announces the successful completion of the structural separation and the transfer of fibre assets from MTN Zambia. This achievement represents a crucial step in our strategic growth plans in alignment with our Ambition 2025 targets.

MTN Group President and CEO, Ralph Mupita said, “The successful sale-and-leaseback transaction with Bayobab Zambia, transferring MTN Zambia's fibre network, marks a pivotal first step in our targeted structural separation of fibre assets as outlined in Ambition 2025 strategy. This decision not only underscores our dedication to spearheading growth and fostering innovation but also plays a crucial role in driving us toward the vision of a seamlessly connected and digitally empowered Africa.”

Within Zambia, the acquisition of MTN Zambia's extensive fibre assets will enhance Bayobab's operational capabilities by improving traffic management on its fibre networks and making bandwidth usage more efficient. Consolidating fibre assets under Bayobab will elevate the quality, resilience, and latency of services, delivering reliable, high-speed connectivity to customers throughout its network.

Bayobab Zambia is not only boosting essential cross-border connectivity but also establishing itself as a crucial digital nexus in the region. With connections to seven neighbouring countries— Angola, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo—Bayobab is keen on further integration efforts to transform Zambia into a central digital hub in southern Africa. With ambitions for continued expansion across the continent, Bayobab's network aims to enable smooth communication and collaboration across regions, thus stimulating innovation and economic progress.

Bayobab is committed to connecting Africa through next-gen digital solutions, including ongoing fibre expansion utilising licensed FiberCo’s across its footprint. Additionally, Bayobab is progressing with other MTN operating companies to structurally separate their fibre assets in line with Ambition 2025 targets.

Frédéric Schepens, CEO of Bayobab Group, commented on this milestone, saying, "We are delighted to reach this pivotal milestone in our journey. The successful completion of the structural separation and transfer of fibre assets not only signifies a significant leap forward for Bayobab Zambia but also heralds great benefits for Zambia and its surrounding nine countries in the region. This move reinforces our commitment to advancing connectivity across Africa and underscores our role as an open-access provider, benefiting all our partners".

With a proprietary terrestrial fibre network spanning 114,000 kilometres and positioned to extend to 135,000 kilometres by 2025, Bayobab serves approximately 295 million African subscribers on the MTN network.


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